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Warehouse Ventilation Using MacroAir HVLS Fans

At Benco Industrial Equipment, we not only specialize in caring for your forklifts & other pieces of material handling equipment, but we’re also an official distributor and certified installer of MacroAir Fans HVLS. We pride ourselves on helping warehouse owners increase ventilation and decrease their monthly cooling costs, all with the simple installation of a MacroAir HVLS fan.

An HVLS fan is a large ceiling fan that moves a High Volume of air at a Low Speed. The low speed delivers gentle air movement rather than disruptive wind, and circulating a high volume of air effectively distributes airflow over a large area. If you’re looking for a warehouse ventilation solution for your warehouse, installing a MacroAir HVLS fan is a great investment!

We are experts in helping you select the right MacroAir HVLS Fan, installing it, and making sure it moves your air and saves you money.

Call us today at 636-486-1693 to learn more about MacroAir HVLS fans!

Macro Air Fans

MacroAir HVLS Fan Videos

Watch this segment that originally aired in 2013 on the TV show “Worlds Greatest”. It tells the story that started when mechanical engineer Walter Boyd invented HVLS fan technology in 1998.

This video demonstrates how the MacroAir HVLS 6-bladed fan moves the air by putting it in a controlled environment with “Smoke” to illustrate the volume of how the air moves.

MacroAir Fans are sometimes confused with big ass fans. However, the truth is MacroAir is the original and big ass came later. Watch the video from a MacroAir customer who tried both and learned which HVLS manufacturer is superior.

Learn the art and science behind MacroAir Fans. Our fans have 6 blades instead of big ass fans 10 blades. That means MacroAir fans are 46% lighter, move 10% more air, use the same amount of power, and last twice as long.