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St. Louis Hyundai Forklift Dealer

Benco is proud to be a part of the Hyundai Forklift Dealer Network.

Hyundai Forklift understands that an enterprising and pioneering spirit is the key to business growth. Because they share their customers’ work ethic, they build machines that perform day in and day out to meet the toughest expectations and quality standards.

Hyundai believes that by being creative and constantly striving to challenge themselves, they’re able to provide the highest-quality equipment in the marketplace, all while supporting their customers with the best service in the industry.


Forklift Repair Services

Our Expert Forklift Repair Team Can Help

For material handling professionals, the forklift can be the lifeblood of the warehouse. Unfortunately, like any piece of industrial equipment, your forklift can break down. That’s why it’s important to have a forklift repair technician on-call so your warehouse doesn’t lose its lifeblood!

Benco customers count on us to make sure their industrial equipment is in top shape. We perform routine preventative maintenance and inspections of material handling equipment to minimize breakdowns. But if a forklift or other piece of equipment does go down, we’re not only on call to fix it, we’ll bring you a rental forklift to make sure the warehouse doesn’t have catastrophic downtime.

We refurbish tired forklifts to perform and look like new as well!

Ready for a new forklift? We can help. If we don’t have what you need at our shop, we know where to find it fast! Our forklift dealers will find you the machine of your dreams.

Forklift Sales

We know the market and will get you top dollar if you’re selling, or top value if you’re buying. Call us today!

Forklift Leasing

Contact us to learn all about long-term leasing or short-term rentals for all types of forklifts and material handling equipment

Forklift Repair

Our factory trained and certified technicians know how to get your forklift up and running so your business won’t slow down.

Forklift Refurbishment

Our team of forklift mechanics, body repair, and paint will get your old forklift looking and working like new.